Forgetting August & Remembering Everly-J.L. Berg

"Our own little slice of heaven. With coffee. Lots and lots of coffee." As a shameless bookworm, one of my biggest criterion for picking out a new read is size, and these two books were big enough that I couldn't tear through them both in one day! This series has substance to it, as Berg … Continue reading Forgetting August & Remembering Everly-J.L. Berg

I’m back!

Hello loves! I have been gone for quite some time, as I was hopelessly swept up in the craziness that comes with graduating college, moving back home and returning to the wonderful world of waitressing. Now that I'm back, I plan on really kicking things up a notch around here- books reviews, travels, and even … Continue reading I’m back!


I've been a lover of country music for quite some time now, and Florida Georgia Line has always been one of my go-to's. Their music is country, but with enough catchy qualities that my non-country friends don't cringe when I put it on. They have that large crowd, fan favorite quality that's great for outside … Continue reading H.O.L.Y.